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Create striking iOS apps with our headless CMS for Swift

Retrieve your app's content with our Swift SDK from our API-first CMS ContentChef and accelerate the development time of your iOS app.

Top 3 Advantages


API-first CMS

Leverage ContentChef as your central content hub so that you can access content exactly when and where you need it. Create and implement content APIs in minutes and provide your entire team with accurate and realistic data for your iOS app.


Customizable Content Structures

Use our ready-to-use schema language to create tailor-made content structures for your iOS application. ContentChef doesn't restrict you in structuring your app, and you can make changes at any time. We help you to stay flexible now and in the future!


Worry-free Development

Concentrate on implementing great user interfaces with Swift without being disrupted by your CMS. ContentChef helps you to deliver custom content to your iOS app without restricting the way you want to work.

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Build your best iOS apps with Swift and ContentChef

Create tailor-made content structures with ContentChef's schema language and use content delivery APIs to feed your iOS app with the right data. As a result, you can speed up development time and focus on building great UIs with Swift! Optimize your workflows even more by integrating ContentChef deeply into your project with our Swift SDK. That way, managing and retrieving content programmatically becomes straightforward for your entire development team. Also, rest assured that you can use your favorite front-end tech stack to create exceptional digital experiences without being bothered by your CMS.

Top 3 Features

What makes ContentChef the best CMS for your iOS app?

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Swift SDK

Integrate ContentChef into your codebase

With our Swift SDK, you can integrate all essential functions of ContentChef into your iOS project. Manage and access content in any development environment and let your team access data from the same source.

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Flexible schema language

Build and retrieve tailor-made content

Team up with your editors to create content structures utilizing our schema language, as required by your iOS app. With ContentChef’s integrated asset management functions, you can automatically load optimized media files into your app and further rev up development.

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Straightforward content APIs

Deliver content with high performance

Build and deploy content delivery APIs to make querying and filtering content for your iOS app a breeze. Forget the days when you had to adapt your front-end to the limitations of a CMS and enjoy the freedom to create tailor-made experiences with ContentChef.


ContentChef is a highly reliable, headless CMS that lets content creators edit and manage content efficiently. At the same time, developers receive structured data that they can access via our API. Simply put, ContentChef separates the content hub and your product’s frontend. As a result, you can deliver your content wherever you need it – be it your website, mobile app, or IoT device.

Every iOS application you create needs content such as assets and data. Using hardcoded dummy data in your iOS app during development can later lead to various problems and is far from efficient. That’s why feeding your app with data via an API is the smartest and most suitable solution. If requirements change, all you have to do is rewrite your API calls to get different data for your app.

What's the best way to start with ContentChef?

First, create an account and start your 30-day trial. Then, take your first steps with ContentChef by following our Getting Started Guide and checking out the documentation to learn even more.

Create an account and leverage the 30-day trial. No credit card required!

No, since ContentChef is a fully managed SaaS, we take care of these things for you!

Learn how to start working with ContentChef for Swift!