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Quickly add a headless CMS to your GO app

Regardless of what you create with Go, our API-first decoupled CMS helps you quickly integrate the right content into your app. Speed up the development of tailor-made digital experiences with ContentChef today!

Top 3 Advantages


Quick-to-use Content APIs

ContentChef is the central content repository that lets you feed your app with content, saving you troubles and time. Quickly integrate our content delivery APIs so your team can take advantage of working in creating the perfect end-user UI without worrying about the editorial process.


Customizable Content Structures

Experience the freedom to create content structures the way your presentation layer GO app requires. Using our intuitive schema language ContentChef doesn't restrict you in structuring your content JSON format, and you can adapt your data format whenever necessary with only a few clicks.


Focus on Programming

ContentChef lets you focus on creating tailor-made UIs without restrictions – no matter which front-end technology you use. With a Headless CMS, you can use Revel, Gorilla, Buffalo, Beego, or just plain net/Http package without a hassle.

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Deliver content with your GO app and our Headless CMS

Quickly create content APIs and provide your application with perfectly structured content from our headless CMS ContentChef. Editors and developers can work in parallel to build rich content structures precisely as required, thus reducing development time. With our GO SDK, you can comfortably manage and retrieve content in all development environments. Naturally, you are free to use your favorite front-end stack to work with ContentChef and create exceptional digital experiences for your users.

Top 3 Features

How ContentChef powerup your Go apps

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Manage and retrieve content

Use our SDK to integrate ContentChef into your GO app tightly. As a result, you can manage and access your app's content and ensure that everyone is working with the same data at all times and in all development environments.

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Optimized Content

Create tailored experiences

Retrieve automatically optimized media files from ContentChef and build tailor-made content structures with our schema language. Enjoy working with data that is structured as your GO app requires, without encountering technical hurdles caused by your CMS.

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Consistent content delivery

Work with powerful APIs

Use content delivery APIs to query and filter content precisely as needed in no time. Concentrate on creating great user interfaces for your web, mobile, or desktop apps by working with the right data from the start.


ContentChef is a highly reliable, headless CMS that lets content creators edit and manage content efficiently. At the same time, developers receive structured data that they can access via our API. Simply put, ContentChef separates the content hub and your product’s frontend. As a result, you can deliver your content wherever you need it – be it your website, mobile app, or IoT device.

Many apps you create need content such as assets and data. Using hardcoded dummy data in your Go app during development can later lead to various problems and is far from efficient. That’s why feeding your app with data via an API is the smartest and most suitable solution. If requirements change, all you have to do is rewrite your API calls to get different data for your app.

What's the best way to start with ContentChef?

First, create an account and start your 30-day trial. Then, take your first steps with ContentChef by following our Getting Started Guide and checking out the documentation to learn even more.

Create an account and leverage the 30-day trial. No credit card required!

No, since ContentChef is a fully managed SaaS, we take care of these things for you!

Learn more about using ContentChef for your Go apps!